Why is Strength & Conditioning important for young athletes?

The scientific evidence clearly tells us that young athletes can enhance long term physical performance and reduce injury risk when exposed to appropriate training programmes...
Some clear principles need to be followed when designing Physical training programmes for young athletes:

 - An appreciation and understanding of growth & maturation are essential

 - Programmes need to be based on technical competency, training age and biological age as opposed to simply chronological age

​ - Youth based S&C programmes should aim to develop a range of health & skill related fitness components. However, Strength development and motor skill development should often be prioritised due to positive assosciations between muscular strength and many other athletic qualities which are crucial to sporting performance eg Speed, Agility, Endurance..

 - Attention must always be given to the overall physical & psycho-social demands on young athletes. Providing a challenging and fun environment is key to ensure long term commitment to physical fitness! 

 - Young athletes should be exposed to a wide range of physical activities throughout childhood to encourage the development of well rounded motor skills and avoid the risk of physical and psychological burnout associated with early specialisation.

We can provide Physical Performance Coaching for young athletes who are seeking to maximise long term sporting performance. Training is on a one to one or small group basis (max of 4) at Perform Southampton or other suitable locations....

Bespoke Programmes and Consultancy services are also available for Schools & Colleges who are interested in enhancing their own Youth Physical Development Programmes  (Contact us for more detail).

Nick Harvey, spent the early part of his career at Southampton FC leading the Academy physical development programme which oversaw the likes of Gareth Bale, Adam Lallana & Theo Walcott into their professional careers...He currently consults as a Performance Educator to the FA on Physical Development of Youth players on their prestigious Advanced Youth Awards.

If you are interested in providing your son or daughter with access to a quality Strength & Conditioning programme to help them in their sport or to improve their general strength & fitness, contact us for more details....