Physical Performance Coaching - Golf

At the elite level of golf, a structured, sports specific Strength & Conditioning programme is now considered a 'normal' part of the overall preparation programme. Improved Strength, Mobility, Stability and balance will;

  • Enhance swing mechanics
  • Optimize Power & Performance
  • Reduce injury Risk

This type of training can help any player from low to high handicappers....

A good S & C programme for golf will focus on;

  • Whole body dynamic movements to develop Strength & Power
  • Postural strength & endurance in the trunk musculature to maximise consistent power and prevent injury.
  • Rotational mobility, strength and control to enhance rotational power and control excessive movement.
  • Balanced exercises to encourage symmetry.

Similar principles can apply in TENNIS​. High levels of rotational power, mobility and stability are crucial. Also, maximising Multi-Directional speed, Reactive agility and the ability to sustain high intensity levels over the course of a long 5-set match are paramount.

​Whatever level you play at, if you are interested in maximising performance and minimising injury risk, we can help take your game to the next level.

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